Friday, July 3, 2020

We're Havin' A Heatwave...A Tropical Heatwave

....and the real heatwave is supposed to start on Sunday.

 Today Gary started hanging the garlic so it will dry.

 A great crop.

 After chores I drove to Home Depot to pick up a
York Rake that I can pull with the lawn tractor.
I want to be able to maintain the arenas myself.
Hope it will work.
Every single parking space was taken (gigantic parking lot)
and there were tons of people.  Almost everyone had on
a mask.  Fortunately I had to go to a curbside pickup
spot and did not have to be in contact with anyone.
 As soon as I got back to the farm I started mowing
the lawn.  Between that and the pastures I have 
been very busy.

 Some friends came at 5 to pick up some hay that Karen and 
I are not's appropriate for their pony so we were
happy to make the donation.

 I had chore duty.
The light was spectacular.

 The pups were certainly not very excited about this heat.

 As hot as it was, we had pasta tonight.
Homemade pasta.
 So good!

Now all I want to do is take a shower and cool off.

Night all.

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