Thursday, July 23, 2020

Cone Flowers.....

 Today I made my debut creating a jar of sweet pickle relish.

            Ordered dinner out.....
 then we went down to the Town Park to 
watch Coop play baseball.
 While we were there he played right field and


 It was Scott's birthday today.
 He and Jenny had a picnic during the game.

 The sunset was beautiful.

 We got back to the farm by 8:30.

So many flowers are blooming right now.

Night all.


Val Ewing said...

I would love a field of purple cone flowers! They are gorgeous. I guess I'll have to ride the bike or a mule down to the spot where the yellow cone flowers are!

Cloudia said...

Kindness baseball puppies and flowers!

Dee said...

Dear Lori, I see that Coop is a southpaw! Which does he enjoy more? The playing the outfield or pitching? Also, I noticed that no-one is wearing a mask. How about you? Do you wear one when you are out? I'm just being noisy! Peace.