Saturday, July 11, 2020

Rain...At Last

Not so hot today.

 All the horses were put together after breakfast.

 They had a few moments, but settled down eventually.

 Karen rode Elliott for the first time this morning.
He was very anxious in the grooming room (had never been there)
and Berlin joined him in the indoor.
 Under saddle, he was much more relaxed.

Of course Angel and Rebel had to distract him.

 When they were finished, Rebel and Angel went in the indoor.

 They were all happy to be together again.
 We needed a veggie meal for dinner so I made some 
Mac salad when I got back in the house.
 They said it would rain today.  We waited and waited.
Finally, at 1pm It came down in buckets.
We got 1 inch in 15 minutes.
 It's been dry since June 22nd.
This should perk things up.

 We were rain free for awhile, then it came back again.
All the puddles in the driveway had been absorbed,
and now they are back again.

 I picked some romaine
 and topped it with the Mac salad for dinner.  Sliced a tomato
and threw on a couple pieces of leftover squash.
Cold and delicious.
 My turn to do chores tonight.

 (Goodnight Mom)
 Little Wonder got wet, as it was raining when we went out to the barn.
We were very grateful for the soaking.

Night all.

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Val Ewing said...

We had 2 inches in a matter of minutes and didn't really need it...but I am so glad you got some rain!
Did it make things cool off for you?