Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Cool It...

 It did not cool off much last night and was pretty steamy by 8.

 At 2:30 we went to Brockport and signed off on our taxes.
Big yayyyyyyyyy.
 This afternoon, when the horses went to the back pasture, 
poor Elliott wanted to join them.
Hopefully we can get him worked in soon.

 I've been sticking close to home except for going to Wegmans yesterday.
Tonight Gary had a board meeting and I had a sandwich and chips for dinner.
When it's hot like this, I like to keep a big bowl of fruit in the frig so we can
snack on it and it's still healthy.

 I feel so sorry for these horses having to spend so
much time in the heat.  
A serious downpour would be fabulous.  Yesterday we thought our
well was going dry....but, today it seemed pretty good.
This morning Gary made 4 trips to the highway garage
with five gallon buckets so he could water his veggies.

 Such cuties.
Not too motivated.

Night all.

1 comment:

Val Ewing said...

All my work outside is done early in the morning and late evening or afternoon these past few days.
The dew point is so high!
Hope the well is okay!