Sunday, July 26, 2020


A hot one.
Must have hit 90.

 Karen bought a Jolly Ball for the ponies and 
so far it has not been touched.

 Here's the York Rake I was talking about yesterday.
Scott invented a way to put wheels on it so I can move
it around easily before I start dragging.  He did a
great job and made it very doable.

 Today Little Wonder got his second grooming at home.
He just stays there while I clip him.  His groomer (the retired
Sherri Godwin) sure taught him to be a very cooperative boy.
I still have some fine tuning to do, but he has already had
a nice shower and smells terrific.
 I watched John Lewis's Casket traveling across
the bridge in Selma.  It was a very emotional sight...

 What he went through in 1965 brings tears.

 When it's hot like this, Sophie slides under the boards holding the 
plants on the back porch.  Why she never goes in the cool
basement amazes me.
 Phoebe gave me the stink eye twice today.

 Our San Marzano tomatoes are really starting to get big.

Gary picked a bushel of cucumbers today and I picked at least
a dozen yellow squash.

 Fortunately, we gave away most of the squash
and at least 20 cucumbers.
We will find homes for more tomorrow.
 Here's Little Wonder after.....before his shower and fine tuning.

 Our strawberry plants are loaded with blossoms....we should have
some shortly.

 Dinner.  Veggie burgers (homemade relish was delicious)
with leftover pasta and bean salads.

Night all.


Val Ewing said...

You did a great job trimming LW! We are done with cukes, I only planted enough to have salads until the plant ran out. I don't like making pickles or relish. The last time I did, I had the stuff around for ages.
I keep picking a LOT of green beans though and am waiting for the sweet corn to come in so I can freeze and dry that.
Charlie had to have a bath after getting into goo.
You all are busy!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Hot here too, in the 90's for days. LW looks very cute, you did a good job! Hope Phoebe is doing well. We have a rake too but really never use it because it's so hard and heavy to maneuver. The wheels are a great idea. That's a lot of cucumbers!