Thursday, July 2, 2020

Strawberry Shortcake....

Way too hot for me.
10 days of this will drive me nuts.

 Gary started pulling out the garlic today.
Looking very good.

 We also checked out the potatoes.
 They are still very small.
 I am going to try very hard to pick veggies at the right time
this season.  The yellow squash was just right today.

 Made Gary a big batch of rhubarb sauce.

 I love the light from the afternoon sun, but it really heats up the house.
 At 7pm we arrived at Sandy Beach to have dessert with Carol and Topper.
 Within minutes I had my feet in the water.

 The strawberry shortcake was delicious.

Home before dark and it was still 84 degrees.
These poor pups.
Keeping them cool will be a challenge.
May have to get out their swimming pool tomorrow.

Night all.

1 comment:

Nancy J said...

84F, equal to about 27C, too hot for me too, Love those brilliant flowers and the dessert!!!