Friday, November 1, 2019

Who Could Sleep Last Night????

Not me!
I kept listening to the high winds wondering if any shingles would be left on the barn roofs.
 Fortunately it stopped raining...we got between two and three inches yesterday.
Notice the outdoor arena.
 More shingles blew off Gary's Barn roof.  I called the insurance company today as
water was on the barn floor last night.
 The pups wore their coats for the first time.  With the wind, it was about 29 degrees.
Little Wonder stayed out with me and Phoebe went in the house.

 After graining the horses they all needed a quick brushing before I put on their blankets.
These huge swings in temperature can sometimes bring on colic.

 I had put hay nets in the indoor in case they wanted to get out of the weather.
They are very spoiled and I like it that way.

 At 3:30 we went down to the Alumni House for First Friday
and a Birthday Celebration for Arline S.
 100 years old, beautiful and sharp as a tack.

 I've played a lot of duplicate bridge with this beautiful woman, and she always
did the scoring.  Loved being her partner.

 Her husband was a prof at the college in the Math Department.

The room was filled with many of her friends and she really enjoyed it.

 The sun was setting on our way home.

 When we arrived.....the manure pile was gone!  That was a surprise!
I'm going to have to call Doug N. tomorrow and thank him!
 No politicking today.  Things are really winding down.
 This is get out the vote weekend so we will be busy dropping literature off at
over a thousand homes.  Fortunately, we have several volunteers helping us for the
next three days.  It's a big job.
 Don't forget to set your clocks back an hour tomorrow night.
Night all.

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