Saturday, November 30, 2019

A New Project for Gary

Cold and grey all day.

 After chores I dragged the indoor a couple of times.
If we get a lot of snow I won't be able to get the lawn tractor over there.

 The pups and I went for a quick trip to the bank and when we got back to the farm
 I started taking all the art work and photographs off the dining room walls.  
Gary is going to paint it the same color as the kitchen.
It will feel much lighter in there.
The peace rockets were mighty dusty, so I hung them out on the back porch.
My friend Judy brought me the two on the left from India, and the two on the right were made
by my students (one of whom named them).
 I think I am going to move them to the library for a change.

 I watched a movie this afternoon and took it easy until dinner.
First I did chores.

 We are turkeyed out so I made some pasta and a salad for dinner
before Gary left for some bell ringing duty for Kiwanis.
There's a good fire going and I'm going to put on some PJs
and head back out there.

Night all.


Nancy J said...

Painting, the upheaval and the mess. There are 4 of us who blog, myself and 3 friends, you included now, who are in this state, and I am going to be a very happy gal when ours is all done. Light and clean, we chose a mid to pale grey for the hallways and the 2 lounges. Kitchen to be done next March, so our builder suggests. That would be a huge dollop of snow coming your way maybe.

Val Ewing said...

I still need to paint the bathroom and I wanted to paint the bedroom to and decorate, but Mr. Grumpy wants the walls WHITE and empty for some reason. I'm going to start adding more artwork and photography very soon. I've had 3 yrs of blank walls!