Sunday, November 24, 2019

Singing For Your Supper...

 After chores I grabbed a quick shower and went down to the Community Center for the Craft Fair.
Gary is in the Kiwanis Club and worked from 8-noon on concessions.

 The Sweden Senior Association also participated by holding a big bake sale,
 sold raffle tickets for this fabulous queen sized quilt.....

 had four huge baskets to raffle off....
 and they sold
hats and more at the Fair.

 They also made and sold
 all kinds of sewn items....
 including quilts.
 Business was picking up by the time I got there.
 These were the most unusual items....Big fluffy wreathes.

 I went back to the farm for a short time before going down to our Sunday Jam
at the Presbyterian Church.
Once again, on the 4th Sunday of the month they were holding a Loaf and Ladle luncheon
that is open to the public.  Since our group practices in one of their other spaces, we now just move to
the dining hall and jam there.
 They fed about 50 people today and then we were given lunch too.

We really enjoy doing something for the community.

 When I left, the light on these buildings was beautiful.
 The carnations have now been moved to our kitchen table.  Let's see how long they last.

 I had chore duty tonight.
So dark at 5pm.....
 Once again, there were three piggies

 and a perfectly clean Berlin.

 Got them tucked in and went
 back to the house for 
 a very simple dinner.  Grilled Italian sausage sandwiches with peppers and onions 
along with macaroni salad  (in the mood for this) and Gary's dill pickles.
Night all.

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