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Wednesday, November 20, 2019


 Grey and blah, but still melting.

 At 11:15 I drove down to the Community Center as a luncheon was being held 
for Seniors.  The Senior Association President (Betty C.) and her husband (Bob)
wanted to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner and they very generously donated their
time and groceries to feed 70 people!

 The diners were made up of quilters, line dancers, knitters, chorus members,
Silver Sneaker participants and more.

 Everything was delicious and greatly appreciated.

 I served on the line, ate and was off by 12:15 as we had a She Sings rehearsal at 1.
One of our members was not there (Lori Staubitz) but we practiced as usual.
We are still learning....
Home by 4:30 and Gary left for a Board dinner meeting.
 I did a little shopping at Wegmans for a dinner party we are having on Friday and picked
up some sesame chicken to go with the lomain I had made at home.
A long, but fun day.
Night all.

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