Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Whoa!  I even wore gloves this morning.

 After chores I took down all the signs in our yard.
 Ya win some and ya lose some.....

 I must say, Rebel and the girls were pretty happy with all the apples they enjoyed this afternoon.

 Doug, Lori Staub. and I drove over to Nancy and Tom's for a She Sings rehearsal today.
Here are clips of two new songs.  While we are learning them we are not using mics and
amps (except for Doug on the bass).
A. lot. of. fun.
I needed this today!

I got back to the farm around 4 and entertained the pups for awhile.

 By 6 I was down at the Town Hall for a special public meeting about water.
Mary was out of town so I was on my own....awkward, the loser with all the winners.
But, I got through it and after all the messages I've gotten, am feeling pretty good
about the campaign we ran.  We did not lower ourselves and were strong candidates.
The reason we lost?  People won't get off their butts and vote!  So sad.  They 
are registered, but don't give a rip.

Night all.


Nancy J said...

So good to know you can hold your head high and know it was not for deceitfulness, or the lack of honesty and goodness in all your hearts. Cold, down here we can get super thick thermal gloves that are a bit like neoprene, perfect for picking up after the horses, that is our grand-daughter's one!!! I think they are called Polar or Arctic.Makes sense to me at least.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Cold here too and maybe a little snow tonight! It won't last though. I think your band sounds really good. What a great stress reliever after all the campaigning and the vote. Singing is a wonderful way to forget about life for a while and just enjoy the moment.

Helen said...

You get top points for putting yourself out there. Wonder if the voters will realize (after the fact of course) what they've lost.