Saturday, May 21, 2011


 Woke up to a misty morning.
 Barb and I did chores together...first we wormed the ponies.
 By the time they finished their grain and went out to the pasture....
 there was nothin' but blue skies.  I started mowing the lawn, but the grass was too wet.  So I changed my clothes and went to Brockport...Brenda and Al's street was having a big garage sale.
 While I was there, Tootsie Louise showed me her new fenced in back yard.

 It must be half an acre!
 Lucky dog!  And I was lucky too.  Brenda and Al gave me a beautiful rug that they were no longer using.  What a gift!!!!!  You'll see.
 Picked up some shavings on the way home, and went back to mowing, mowing, mowing.  All that rain made the grass grow like crazy.
 Could really feel the heat...we were in the 70s.
 These cats have chairs, a love seat, beds and all kinds of places to sleep on the back porch. 
 They chose to nap on a beat up piece of plywood that covers the stairs to the cellar.
 Ta daaaaaa!  This is THE RUG!  I was going to put it in my studio, until we got a look at it!  It's found a new home in the kitchen!  I LOVE IT!
 Now we need to find a couple of comfy chairs.

Started watching the build up to the Preakness.  Jenny was down there on the infield having a great time watching some of her favorite bands.  I told her to put 5 bucks on Animal Kingdom to show (thought that was a safe bet....wonder if she did it).  Came in 2nd.  
Ran out to do chores in between and was able to catch the race.
 The paddock was not quite so muddy this afternoon.
 The horses had their grain and went back out for a couple more hours.

 Gar and I had dinner, then went in to the college to see some step dancing and more.
Some pretty innovative stuff.   Khalid (master drummer) played a djembe and Rayce Malone performed on a bohran (Irish drum).  "Excerpts from Cross Cultural Communication."
Cool beans, as Stan would say.
Home now.
Night all.


Terry said...

What? A day without rain?

Gail said...

I absolutely love that first photo!

Sounds like the perfect day to me and I now have rug envy.

Birdman said...

... and it looks like you did most of it in the sun! Hurrah!

Sharon Creech said...

Cool beans, all.

Anonymous said...

I love the first shot too, and adore that rug!! :)

Gayle said...

That rugs is outstanding!! Wouldn't I love something like that!?!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Wow - that first photo...