Sunday, May 15, 2011


What a difference two days can make.
After the outdoor riding arena was rototilled it looked like this.
 Today it was a different story.  And it was still raining!

 A pond developed in the corner of the big pasture.  Tonight it was twice as large.
 Put rain sheets on the ponies and let them have the back pasture.
Hay nets of second cutting were under the shed roof, but they chose grass and rain instead.

 Made a quick trip to Wegmans.  Two days ago the trees looked like this.

This morning most of the blossoms had been pounded off by the heavy rain and high winds.

When I got back to the farm, the weather was doing a number on the gardens.  Some of the tulips were knocked down to the ground...some just snapped off the stems.

So I brought them into the house.

 Went out to do the chores early.  This afternoon the horses were under the shed roof or in the indoor....but when I got out there they were getting soaked in the back pasture.
 Set everything up and called them in.

They were soaked and had rolled in the arena.  What a mess.  Had to take all the sheets off and tucked them in for the night.
Leftover pasta for dinner, so of course we invited Tom over....he appreciated the fire as much as we did.  Nothing like it on a day like this.  One more week 'til Deb gets home. 
 It was all so familiar.
 Just had to finish up that delicious sauce.

 Sally brought up some rhubarb crisp this morning.  It was still warm.  We had it for dessert.
 I am so done...and afraid that many more days of rain will do some serious damage.
Hope all is well where you are.  Can you imagine having your property covered with 25 feet of water?  It gives me a stomach ache to think about it.  I can't imagine giving up everything we have.
Night all.


Terry said...

Wow, that's a lot of rain. We had yet more snow, and I was going to do a post on mud, but your rain puts my mud to shame. It's not flooding I fear but fire, and the snow has really been a blessing.

Love the horses coming in, the tulips and the cosy fire.

Unknown said...

I was doing ok with the amount of rain we're getting, until I noticed 2 deer in the yard...followed by 2 rabbits..and 2 crows. Ack!
Loved the horses coming in :)

Jeni said...

Right there with you and this darn rain and flooding!!

I haven't had rhubarb pie or crisp in a long long time. I should try to find some =)

Val Ewing said...

It finally stopped raining here this weekend.
Our land is not level...anywhere, so we usually don't get ponding except on the the ridge-tops.

That will be a beautiful arena!

Dreaming said...

Golly gee... I wish you could send just half of your rain our way! I can't believe your expanding puddles... er ponds!

I love it when the horses come running in. When my guys do it I feel especially loved and appreciated!

Sharon Creech said...

Yes, rain, rain, rain where we are, too, but I can't stop thinking about those along the Mississippi, how hard it must be.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Wow, you're really getting hit hard. I sometimes wonder how the horses stand being out all day. Our's won't come into the sheds but stand out there eating grass. Hope you get a break soon. We're having rain all week but so far not as bad as you.

The food looks delicious as usual.