Sunday, May 22, 2011


 Jack and the Beanstalk must have stopped here.  Everything is at least waist high.
 The water level in the ring has gone down just in time for the next round of rain.

The ponies were happy to go out in the big pasture.  I figured they might as well eat some of the grass before it's covered with water again.

 Barb and I had chores done by 8:30...yey!
 The sun was not out until later, but the temperature was going up.

 Seeing that it was supposed to be in the 70s, we put the masks on.

 Back in the house to get ready for drumming at the college.

 Today Janice ....

and Alice went with me.  Normally we meet on Saturdays, this was the exception.
Had a great time and they both learned that it was a good place to get a lot of information and experience.  I hope that the entire group that used to drum at my house will join us the next time.
And the price is right.  0.  There can't be a better instructor than Khalid.  He is patient, kind and so interested in teaching every single person.
 Gary had duty at the Welcome Center...Around 6 Topper and Carol stopped up on their way home from an Octoberfest at the Morgan Manning House.

 Decided to have dinner before chores.
 Marinated pork with carmalized onions and carrots.
 A salad with pears and craisins.
 Leftover sweet potato salad....
 At 4:30 I went back down to the college to pick up a new drum from Khalid.  It is top notch in quality and the sound is amazing.  What the hay!  A gift to me...priorities.  When I got my first drum I knew nothing about I know just a little....enough to realize the difference.  Let's see what this does for the way I drum.
 Before I went out to do chores, the sun was most beautiful.

 It was starting to go down as I picked the pasture.  Below are the remains of the "pond" that appeared after all the rain.

In the house, showered, and outaheahhhhhh.
Night all.


Michelle said...

That photo of your "surprise" pond is gorgeous!

Maery Rose said...

Another busy day that includes a scrumptious dinner at the Skoog Farm. I love the photo of the sun on the pond. We had a very rainy weekend and numerous tornadoes to boot.

I'm glad you got to see my dressage video. Val is such a great teacher - speaks in visual language I can understand.

Funny "Don't Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down" by Eric Bibb is playing and it's the second time I've heard that song on someone's blog this week; the other one was a live version that was even better than the studio version. I should have that song on continuos loop.

Leontien said...

I wish i could drum with you sometime! ;-)

great shots but i'm sad to hear that you have so much rain aswel! I really hope/pray that it is going to stop sometime soon.


Unknown said...

Hello Lori. That looks a lovely meal; and a lovely sunset. Beautiful!!!

Unknown said...

Your dinner looks fantastic!
I can't believe you're getting more rain, and you still have that much water in the ring. Ugh.

Sharon Creech said...

That's a great looking new drum!

Gayle said...

Waist deep green growth everywhere. How nice!! We are just starting to sprout.

Terry said...

I'm catching up in reverse, so belated congratulations on the new drum. It's a beauty.