Friday, May 20, 2011


After days and days of rain, we are starting to see some blue sky.

Click on Skywatch in my sidebar to see more beautiful skies around the world.

So what was the plan for today?

 When I went out to the barn it was shocking!
Another drizzly morning.
 The ponies did not care.
 All they wanted was grass.
The gardens are out of control from all the water....
Does anyone need a few hundred daylilies?

 Terry of Moondance, asked what photos I was putting in our art show.  Here are a few shots.  Went down to Good Will and got a bunch of cheap frames so nothing matches.

I also have three books of  photographs and will take my cards down.

By now it was 9:15 and I decided French Toast sounded pretty good....and it was.

Then, I left for Wegmans to pick up some ginger ale and three bouquets of flowers for our concert tonight.  DON'T FORGET!  7pm at the Baptist Church in the Village.

Next stop...

Dropped off my newest cards and checked out the current show.
"Stories by Streetlight"
A Tale of Two Artists
Photographs by Hannah Betts and new drawings by St. Monci

Several of the pieces were on panels the size of a door.  Very clever.  The photographs were taken in front of the wallpaper that served as a background for the photos themselves.

 The models attended the opening.  Look at the eyes on this child!!!!

 Most of the stores in Brockport have a jar that you can put dollars in to help pay for the hanging baskets going up on Main Street.  Another great example of community.  Budget constraints have brought about creativity.  Today I made my contribution at the Gallery.
The window boxes there, were planted early and the flowers are doing very well.
Now, if the sun would just come out and stay out.

My next to the last stop was the library.
They always let me put a flyer on the check out counter to let people know about our art show and the date of the opening (June 4th 12-2pm).
Grabbed a sub at Subway and was home by 12:30.  Barb has chore duty and we will be singing our brains out tonight.  Who knows, maybe I'll be back with some photos.

Late afternoon the sun came out and it was the most beautiful part of the day.  I took the dogs out and picked a ton of those sticky weeds that are strangling everything.

 At 5:15 Gary and I left for the Chorus Concert.  We had a 5:30 call.
The bouquets I bought turned out beautifully.

Before everything started, we had a chance to do a little rehearsing by ourselves and with the Kendell Chorus.  We sounded pretty good!

 Having a piano, bass and drums gave us such ooooompf!
Many of our friends were in Al and Brenda.
 We started right on time.

I was 100% happy with our performance.  (There's Greg from my Saturday drumming group).  I hope I can post some music at another time.
Night all.


Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh I love these shots. The barns the sky absolutely perfect. B

Sharon Creech said...

Looks lurvely. Here we have fog and clouds, alas.

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos! We've been in rain and clouds for days too! Ugh!
Thanks for linking up!
Deb ( love your music )

Teresa said...

So glad you're getting some sunshine now. Hope you have a sunny weekend!

Sally said...

If you are thinning Daylilies, I'd love some.

Looking forward to the concert tonight.

Dimple said...

Love your skies: blue is good! Your pansy shot is beautiful, also.

Rose - Watching Waves said...

Loved hearing about your day; you get more done by noon that I do in an entire day - lol! Hope you have a great turnout for the art show. I'm amazed at the daylilies! Do you sell them to a particular place/company?

fromsophiesview said...

The wettest spring in recent plus...everything is growing gangbusters...I must say you do have an armload of daylilies. They will so eye catching when they begin to bloom. The Good Will is a such a perfect place for the unusual especially frames for never know what you'll find...something that just works usually. I do sense some major excitement with Jun 4th just around the corner...can't wait!

Al said...

Great shots, and it sounds like a fantastic day. My favorite shot is the child, those eyes have a wisdom to them that's startling for somebody that young. We should see some good weather this weekend, after a week of rain and snow, so maybe I'll have some blue skies to post this week...

Terry said...

Congratulations on the concert!

Excellent choices on the prints, but how could you go wrong, with all your nice photos?

I cannot believe how many flowers you have!

Sharon Creech said...

Whoah, you went on to pack several more days into that one day! I don't know where to start--great photos, great art and food and flowers and people. Love that little girl in the white dress and crayon/paint marks; love those bluets (we have those wee blue flowers, too, but I don't know what they're called). All a feast for the eyes!
P. S. My attempt at video was prompted by yours. :)

Birdman said...

Now, that's a DAY!

Virginia said...

My mouth is hanging open! What wonderful photos. I have a lot to learn about photographing horses from you my friend. I"m sending mine along if you have an email listed here! I had fun and my tennis shoes are proof! Whew!

Shirley said...

Lots of lovely photos! My favourites are those of the ponies. I came to see your skywatch photos but quickly got sidetracked by these lovelies.

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