Wednesday, May 18, 2011


 Another grey morning.  By the time I finished cleaning stalls the temperature went up and the sheets came off.  Happy day!

 Took a quick shower and headed down to chorus rehearsal.
 Except for the last song, it was pretty good.  By 11:30 several of us headed over to 58 Main for a retired teacher's luncheon.  Nice to catch up with some friends I never get to see.
 I (who never win anything) won $35 in a 50/50 raffle!

 5 of us stopped at Java for half and hour....
 The village was pretty quiet.

 Our concert (Friday night at 7pm) will be held at the local Baptist church.  Outstanding acoustics and a fabulous grand piano.
 Did a little vegging when I got home.

Look at what happened!!!!!

The water has started going down, but it's going to be awhile.

The cats and pups were lounging on the back porch.

 OOOOOhhhh Baby...the sunshine was like magic!  Hit the low 70s for a few hours.

Of course my bubble was popped when I went out to do evening chores and it was raining again.

Over and out....
Night all.


Terry said...

Yay! You had sunshine!

Love the picture of L'Orange and Seymour.

Unknown said...

Woohoo for some sunshine!
Hope you get more sun..I'm still in awe of the ponding you have going on.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm so jealous, you had some sunshine!
We're drowning here.

Great pictures, have a great time at the concert.

Dreaming said...

Hey, it was just like the song said...
"Out came the sun and dried up all the rain"!

Jill said...

So glad you had some sun!!! Even if it was short lived. Congratulations on your win!!! Hope you have a great concert.

Unknown said...

Hi Lori and Gary. We just got in from Choir Practice. It went well for once. Great when that happens, isn't it?
Cheers, Mike and Ann.