Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Good Morning World!  L'orange and Seymour (along with the other kitties) don't come in the house at night anymore.  They are quite happy to live outside...of course they have all kinds of places to lounge.
I let them in during the day if they want, but they prefer to go back out and chase chipmunks.

It was one of those days.

The sky looked steamy as soon as I went out to the barn.  Woke up at 6 and was feeding before 7.

 The ponies were not too excited about the temperature and would only go out to the pasture for a few minutes at a time.
 I put the fan on for them in the run-in.
 Decided to mow the last pasture before it got any hotter.

This is the pasture I put them on regardless of the weather...even when it's wet.  For some reason they just don't punch it up.  Today it looked gorgeous.

Back to the house and did not spend a lot of time outside.
 Changed our bedroom around and washed the sheets and quilt.  Put a fan in one of the windows in preparation for the weather.
 Closed the house up and put a couple of fans in the kitchen.  It stayed fairly cool all day, so I decided to have my class there instead of in the Studio Barn.
 Jean and Tina were here today....tomorrow we will set up our art show.
 Tina will finish this by tomorrow so she can hang it in the show.  These beautiful creatures are from Hidden Meadow Farm.
 Of course Gucci and Phoebe performed for their treats.  Tina always remembers them.
 After class she cut a mat for one of my photographs.  It's a huge print, and I got the frame at Good Will for peanuts.  It turned out great.
 Picked some rhubarb to make a pie, and more for my friend Deb.
 Sidney tried to help.
 The garlic is looking good...over 3 feet tall.
 Here's a before shot of the pie.
 We waited....and waited.
 Made another salad with chicken, pears and apples.  Had to use up a baked chicken breast.
 Finally, the pie was finished.
By now it should have cooled off.
Night all.  Wish you were here to have a piece!


Oak Creek Ranch said...

Oh man that is just torture looking at your rhubarb and your pie! My rhubard is growing but it's still little teensy weensy. How many years until it grows big thick yummy stalks like yours?! Salad with chicken for dinner here too. How funny.

fromsophiesview said...

OH Lori..that pie is to die for!...I cooked up some rhubarb but not as fancy and as inviting as yours. So this 90's it coming my way?...bittersweet I guess...we had a gorgeous day yesterday..1st in a month and now we are back to the same overcast. Love to see your property and the animals must feel like they are in heaven. Cheers!

Jill said...

Your pie looks divine! Hot here too. I am not used to this kind of weather. Love the print of your photo!!! Stay cool.

Inger said...

That pie! And those horses....they must know what a wonderful life they have at your farm, heat or no heat. And the kitties are just adorable. Oh, doggies, I didn't forget you and I hope Mommy gave you a little piece of pie each.

Anonymous said...

the food looks good, the aniamls are cute and can you send me some heat.. it's so cold over here :( x