Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Same old, same old.  Too many days like this!

All of these flowers were down on the ground, so I went out and picked them.

Was not motivated to do much...could have slept in front of the fire all afternoon.

My class arrived a 2pm.  Today there were 4...yey!  Jean, who just returned, has been working on a series of 6x6 black and white drawings.  They flow out of her with ease....  Now to find frames before the show.

Seymour was enjoying the toasty kitchen.

One more class for Mel before he goes away for the summer.  He will be missed.
Another chorus rehearsal tonight.  Barb had chore duty. 
 Her horse was out by the"pond" and I called his name from the house.
He must have thought it was time to eat.  All the ponies stayed out on the pasture most of the day.  Then the spitting turned to rain and they came in under the shed roof.

Mustafaaaaaaa............  Come on boy!


DeniseinVA said...

Great post, I loved all the photos of the horses, the flowers, the artwork. Such talent at a person's fingertips is always admirable. The video was a delight. Thank you for a lovely visit.

Michelle said...

Rainy, dreary, and quite cold here in KY. Either it's 90 degrees or 50! I love those black/white drawings.

Terry said...

Noooo! Not more rain!!!

The flowers are so pretty.

Jeni said...

man are we EVER going to dry out?

Want to be your kitty sleeping in the toasty kitchen.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Here in Virginia, the sun has been out the last 2 days when I'm at work--Once home, here come the clouds and the rain! Maybe one of your students could draw us into a sunny day? :-)

I hope you've had an enjoyable evening!!

Samantha said...

Sending sunshine thoughts to you..we need them here, also!
LOVE the black and white series.

allhorsestuff said...

Lovely drawings! Wow, that is totally my style...lots going on! Seymour, what a life ~
Yea, will seems you some of the sun light thoughts..someone sent some to us..cause we've beaten our 1 day a week record-today was day 2! And is forecasted for sun tomorrow for an un heard of 3 in a row! had me feeling so bad for you all this time...and see, you've your very own body of water-"the pond"!

Sally said...

Glad you saved the pretty.

Am looking forward to the art show at the much talent. Will you partiscipate, too.

Anonymous said...

I'll send you some sunshine from here. We're close to having a draught. Even the strawberries are ripe -- almost a month early.
Jean's b&w drawings are really interesting.

Victoria Cummings said...

Every time I complain about the rain, I stop and remind myself that we are really lucky compared to so many people. Still, a little sun would go a long way to making life better, wouldn't it? Love the daffodils. I did the same thing with ours and now, I'm filling the house with lilacs to save them from being crushed in the downpour. Smells fabulous. Your students' work is really impressive!