Wednesday, May 11, 2011


 I can't sleep when the sun is bright in the morning, so I went out and did chores early.
 Now that the horses are going in later, the stalls are much easier to clean.
 In before 9 and grabbed a shower.

Chorus today, along with a performance at the Senior Center.  When I went out on the deck there, the Canal looked very inviting.  (Sophie, it's waiting for you).
 Our rehearsal went well and the performance was alright....we get better every time we sing.

 On the way home I stopped at the bank for a copy of something we needed.  The trees throughout the parking lot were in full bloom.   Many years ago, when the Wegmans store was built, the Town said part of the deal was to landscape the area.  Boy did they!

 Home for a late lunch, then went down to Jenny's to let the dogs out.  Decided to take my bike so I could ride around the village.
 There were detours all over the place that took me off the beaten path...Below is the old deserted Kleen Bright facility.

 We are fortunate to have some nice green spaces.
 Hey Sara!  Loved that rhubarb cake you made us!

 I took this shot for our friend Tony, who has moved to Florida (leaving behind the beautiful house below).
 On the home stretch....had to go up one long and winding hill, but I made it without getting off.
 When I got back to Jen's I sat in a comfy lounge chair while the dogs did their thing.

 Buster and I played ball for awhile.
 Ice finally made an appearance.

 Here are the tulips Gary delivered yesterday.
 Buster knew the school bus was about to arrive and started looking out the window.
 "Come on Finn and Coop!  I've been waiting all day."
 "There it is!"

 Straight into the house.  Snack time.
 Gary stayed there and took Cooper to T-Ball....I went home to do chores.

The geese were back in the pasture.
 Grained the horses and let them go out back.  They've been off that pasture for a week and were happy to dine on the grass that has been growing.

I'm loving the weather.
Night all.


Terry said...

Your village is charming.

Cloudia said...

glorious season!

Warm Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral




Sharon Creech said...

How fast everything greens up and blossoms--isn't it amazing? Love all those white-blossomed trees and the beautiful horses running. . .

Ken Mac said...

great post today! I can't sleep either when the sun blasts through, so I just get up, and pay later ! We'll sing in the sunshine....skeeter davis? Beautiful flowers and happy poochies..

Rain said...

Beautiful-perfect post/day!! Thanks-love it-very charming village!!

Nancy C said...

What a lovely day you had, Lori! The trees are just amazing! :)

fromsophiesview said...

Now that I'm behind in's time to catch up. The canal shot is mighty inviting for sure...Sophie would be in there in a flash. Those trees are just out of this world...I used to live in Vancouver B.C. and in the spring the Japanese Cherry blossoms were in bloom on pretty much every street...A sight/scent to behold.
Our weather is a wee bit better...but with warmer weather comes flies...Nova Scotia always has some sweet annoyance to deal with.
It's late so I'll catch up on more tomorrow.