Sunday, March 1, 2009


There is a site where people can participate with photos.  I don't know how it works yet, but I saw it on another site and think it would be fun.  This week the call is for Motion....
"Sunny" from Renaissance Equestrian Center....
"Berlin" and "Abbe" from Skoog Farm.
"Berlin" from Skoog Farm...
"Abbe" from Skoog Farm....
"DJ" from Christina's World....
"Sunshine" from Christina's World....


  1. Great series!!! The sunrise is my fave. You got it right, just post the pic on Sunday and leave a comment on the Sunday stills page. I'll get up the next challenge in a few. Welcome to the Sunday Challenge...Ed

  2. I love that shot of them galloping along the fence line!


  3. Those are such wonderful photos - did you get a new camera? Might have missed it if so. Hope you stay cozy today.

  4. ONE RED HORSE, I did get my new camera repaired, but several of these photos are from my friends that I post in my Journal...particularly Christina's World. I should be so lucky to have such a camera. They were just such good action shots, I could not resist posting them. We have many great photographers in this area, and most of them are amateurs. 99% of the photos on my Journal are taken by me, but I like to show off some of the local talent.

  5. Great pics! Glad to see you joined the challenge.


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