Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Heat Index of 100! Yikes!

Believe me, taking pictures was not a priority today...sitting in front of a fan was more like it.

 First day of chorus.
 We got our new music and had a pretty darn good rehearsal.
 I took my drum....Woody had his guitar.

On the way home I passed the 9/11 Memorial which is located next to the Capon Hose Co.
A local artist produced this piece and the firemen raised the money to have it bronzed.

 It serves as quite a reminder of the tragedy that took place on that day.

From there I went to the bank, which has a crabapple tree next to the entrance....thousands! of little red balls.

 Spent the rest of the day in the house just trying to stay cool.  Can't stand this weather.

Chores at 5:15.  The poor girls had to put up with some real heat this afternoon.

 Gary treated us to dinner at the Golden Eagle...no cooking here.

Let the girls out when we got home...it may get down to 77 before morning, then we will start cooling off.  I can't wait!
Night all.


  1. It is crazy heat isn't it? You see - we're really on the same weather pattern quite often. Went home at lunch time to bring the horses inside. My thermometer on my deck, in the shade shortly after 12:30 registered 97. Hot dog!!! Guess summer's not quite ready to recede from the spotlight. :)

  2. Oh boy-I so feel your pain. We were in the high 90's a lot this summer and it was not fun. Pony baths every day to help get through it and chores and doggie walks had to be squashed into the early and late hours. I hope you guys cool off soon!

  3. Hot hot hot! Keep cool.

  4. its been extra hot here too...where is fall?
    Benny & Lily

  5. Hope you get some weather relief soon.


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