Thursday, September 5, 2013

Even Cooler

 The hay delivery was right on schedule.  Green, fine and smelled delicious.

 Much cooler today.

 Jill and Chester stopped by.  He is such a sweet boy.

 Gary made another batch of sauce.  Our new freezer (small) is half full already.  Next on the agenda will be applesauce from our own tree (organic) which is loaded.

 I made a peach/nectarine pie....

Went down and bought a mailbox today.  We've been without one for a week (since it was smashed to pieces by a negligent driver).  Gary put it up and we are ready for business.

The girls went in for dinner at 5:15.

Earlier I managed to get the lawn mown....
 Breakfast for dinner.  Just what the doctor ordered.
 Invited Judy and Sally up for a piece of pie.  First we picked some veggies.

 We really enjoy our time with Judy and Sally...the reg'lers.
Night all.

Look what Saint Tim saw out on the highway in Kentucky.
Does that look like SKOOG to you?


  1. The hay looks very nice, it is always nice to fill up the barn.

  2. My golly, Lori, that number plate looks like SKOOG! For the first time ever, I insisted on personalized number plates on Grant's new car bought earlier this year! I love your header. And I LOVE the pie. Yum for sure. Was it worth it to claim on your household insurance for a new post box? Have a great day. Greetings from Jo, Tanzania

  3. That's like 87 zillion hays. Those horsies are lucky
    Benny & Lily

  4. Oh my Lori, your pie looks amazing! I am having some mighty pie cravings now. :)
    Yes, the license plate does look like Scoog. Last name perhaps?
    Your hay looks good. Nothing better than sweet, green, fresh hay for the ponies. I know they'll enjoy it.

  5. It says SKOO G. There's a slight space between the G. See, you are always on our minds, even when we are buried :-D.


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