Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Two Boxes of Kleenex and Counting....

 Gary helped me with chores again.
 This cold is doing a number on me.

 After chores I took a nice hot shower and did a steamer so I would
not be coughing during my class.
Tina made this card for a friend.
It's so sweet!
 Every year she bakes cream colored ponies and brings them to class 
just before Christmas.

 Not only do they look gorgeous, they are delicious!

 The sun was beautiful for much of the day....
 too bad I was not outside.

 Gary picked up pizza for dinner.
Nothing sounds good.
Night all.

I got a call today and they said my car is "totaled."
Tomorrow I will find out what my options are.


Val Ewing said...

Oh...please feel better soon!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Your car looks a mess alright. Love the cookies and artwork. Sorry you're still under the weather but if there is a bright least you'll be better by Christmas.