Sunday, December 23, 2018

Out of the House....

Another dull day, but at least it was not freezing.
After the stalls were done I took some carrots out to the pasture and
grabbed a few photos.  Berlin did not eat all of her breakfast again and even
left some of her hay cubes from last night.  I did save her grain and put it back in her feeder to see if she would eat it as soon as she got in (she did).
 She is like a big puppy.
As soon as she saw me she started following me around.

 I do believe she is feeling a little better.

 On the way back to the house Sidney insisted that I take photos of his performance.

 I took a shower and did a few more things around the house, then decided to
see if I could handle going to the jam.

My voice was so low from all the hacking I could not sing the high notes.

We made our Christmas debut with this song.
(First try)

On the way home I went to Wegmans and picked up everything I needed for 
Christmas Eve.  Did not get back here until 4:30 and quickly heated up
the beet pulp for my ponies.
On the way to the Gallery, I had stopped at Tractor Supply and picked up a
bag of Blue Seal Senior feed for Berlin.  When I did evening chores I mixed some with her usual dinner and she loved it.  Let's see if this continues to work.
Of course the Rebel would like to have switched meals.  He is an easy keeper and
she eats the most because of her age and inability to eat volumes of hay.
 They all rolled again....of course.

 Back in the house for an instant replay of last night's dinner plus chips.

Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Good to hear Berlin is feeling better. Sidney is silly and cute. Glad you got out to the jam. It's nice to get out of the house.

Nancy J said...

Hope Berlin continues to improve, and you lose that cough in time for Santa to visit.I need to remember that we are a day ahead, so the 25th gives you both time to heal.