Sunday, December 9, 2018


My camera had enough energy to take one photo this morning!
 Back to work in the house and put in another battery.
Here is my ode to Christmas for this year...
it is hanging in the kitchen.

 Tried to grab a few more shots when I took the dogs out.

 I love the wreath Gary picked out yesterday.
(it's hanging on our kitchen door)

 Went down to Brockport for the Jam and sat in a different place.

 The sun was so bright (no complaints here) I could not get good photos.

 Started dinner when I got back to the farm and then went out to do evening chores.

 Rebel is such a ham.

 It was very dark when I got back to the house.
 Well, Gary painted the lower cupboards today and put on new hardware.
 Time for a long rest.

 The room is brighter and seems bigger.
I'm very happy with the change.
 So what did we have for dinner?
 Boneless chicken thighs with caramelized onions and carrots
with a side of sweet potatoes and
a salad with apples, pears, raisins and crumbly blue.

 Now maybe we can get a fire going and I can get back into some kind of groove.
Night all.

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~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

The wreath is lovely! I'd forgotten to say it in another post, and the photos today remind me to tell you how much I love your kitchen! It's so warm and inviting! Stay warm, and by the way, your dinner is the perfect meal at the end of a cold day. Take care!