Friday, December 14, 2018

Celebrating The Life of Willie...

A beautiful start to the day, but we ended up grey with some rain.

 Chores as usual.
 Most of the snow melted.

 After finishing, I called the car dealership that had my car and we went down
to empty out some of the contents
 and I grabbed a few shots.

 Within an hour, I spoke to the salesman who leased me the Subaru, met with the collision department, contacted the insurance agent, and left Spur's with a rental car.
Amazing service.  And the seats are even heated!

At 1:30 we went to a service for Willy Sweeting, a man who was so loved by this 
community there was not an inch of space left in the building.
Chris Wilson used to live near the Sweetings before they moved to Georgia, and he sang at the service.

When family members and friends (who came from near and far) had a chance to speak, every single one made us laugh about some experience they had with Willy.  
That was a good thing.
Afterward, we went over to the Elks club for a reception.

His family was surrounded by hundreds, who were full of love and support
and I think it was very comforting to them.

Night all.

At 5pm it was 48 degrees.

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