Monday, December 3, 2018

Little By Little

This muddy season is certainly not my favorite.
I'm sure the horses are sick of it too.

 Berlin has had me worried as she did not finish last nights hay cubes
and this morning she only ate half of her breakfast.

 I enticed her with some grain minus the beet pulp and alfalfa pellets (soaked)
and she went for a little.

 Rebel never has any trouble eating....

 It was windy and cold all late afternoon it started to snow.
Once again I took Berlin some soaked alfalfa pellets and apples, which
she shared with Maggie.  At least she showed some interest.

 Gary, the energizer bunny, continued painting for most of the day and is on the
home stretch....sort of.....
 I actually made dinner.
Pork cutlets, leftover noodles and sauerkraut, peas and applesauce.
 After dinner, Gary went back to work.
 I'm going to have to hold class in the library tomorrow, as the
dining room table is still covered with junk.  I'm going to see if my students
want any of it.  Lots of cookbooks, mugs and more.
I did chores on my own this morning and tonight am in need of my heating pad.
That is next on my agenda.
Night all.

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