Monday, December 10, 2018

Time For A BIG Salad....

It was grey all day and the temperature was around 33 degrees.

Little Wonder joined me and Phoebe didn't even go out to the barn

 Around 9:30 there was a knock on the door and I had a flower delivery!
This is one of the centerpieces we made for the Gala, and the four of us who worked on them at Sara's last Friday were each presented with one!
Not only that, they were hand delivered by Jamie W. B. (Associate Director of Annual Giving at the college) along with her assistant.
 How thoughtful was that?
We had a great time working on the arrangements 
and they did this out of appreciation.

 At 1pm I had an SSAI meeting at the Community Center and then did a little 
grocery shopping.  Now that the kitchen is pretty much back to normal, I am
ready to get back in my dinner making groove.
 We had a couple pieces of chicken left from last night so I decided to
make salads.
I started with mixed greens topped with my bean salad....
then I added little cucumbers and tomatoes
 chopped up the chicken and added
 Greek olives
 finished it off with crumbly blue and homemade croutons
added a few caramelized onions from last night and that was that.
 Really big and really good.
Can't wait to get out by the fire....
We have not had one for almost two weeks.
Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful flower arrangement. It was nice of them to deliver it to you. Same here, grey around 33 degrees.

Val Ewing said...

You are busy! We did have salads too last night but they weren't that beautiful!