Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas Eve....

 And then there was a change in the weather.....

 Gary and I spent much of the day preparing for our guests who
arrived at 6pm.  Always a great time.

 I reserved a table for Finn, Cooper, Carter and Will
so they could play Sequence.

 The food was EXCEPTIONAL this year.
 Did you ever have a salad with shave Brussel sprouts, kale, pecans
and a maple syrup vinaigrette dressing?

 I ordered Challah bread from Carina as favors for each family
and because it was in the dining room, I forgot to pass it out!!!!
Tomorrow morning we are going to make deliveries to each house!
Night all!
Enjoy the Holidays.

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Nancy J said...

It might be Christmas Morning for you now, that looks a wonderful evening together. Merry Christmas to you all.