Saturday, July 8, 2017

Water Music - New York

Tonight the Albany Symphony played for hundreds of people at the Welcome Center and the stage was a huge barge that was brought in yesterday.  Brockport was one of 7 communities along the Erie Canal (Bicentennial Celebration) to be selected for this presentation.
Why were we chosen?  Because of our setting and interest in the arts. 
For months, Loren Loiacono (an up and coming, highly recognized composer whose works have been performed throughout the country) has been collaborating with
 Mariah Maloney (the artist director of Mariah Maloney Dance and Graduate Director at The Department of Dance, SUNY College at Brockport)
on a piece that made it's debut tonight with the support of the Albany Symphony
 and The Golden Eagle String Band (from Brockport).
Both music and dance were impacted by our history.
Prior to the concert, there was a meet and greet at  Fazool's, a local restaurant located on the Erie Canal and next to the Welcome Center.  Gary and the members of the GBDC Summer Serenades Committee have been working on this for months and tonight was the night. Thanks go out to Bill Andrews, Terry Carbone, Jacquie Davis  and Patty Kutz.

When I arrived Gary introduced me to Fran, who was there representing M and T Bank, a Corporate sponsor....
 and Jeff, who was in charge of fundraising for this 7 stop tour of the Canal.
 They seemed very pleased with the hard work and support that was shown by Brockport.

 Jenny and Scott were there along with many of the usual suspects.
 Delicious grazing opportunities.


 By 7:45 there was hardly a spot left for seating.

All day it was touch and go with the weather and we really lucked out.
Some of the humidity disappeared and there was even a nice breeze.

 This is David Alan Miller, the Grammy Award-winning conductor of the Albany Symphony.
The journey taken down the Erie Canal is a great example of his interest in community outreach.
 The head of the New York State Council of the Arts flew up from 
Manhatten for this performance.

The dance portion started and ended with The Golden Eagle String band and the Symphony played in the middle.  I could not have been more impressed with the sound system.  Amazing for being outside.  Can you see the people seated on the opposite side of the canal?

 This was such a gift to our community.
 How deeeeee did not miss a minute of this great night.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Great day with so many wonderful things happening.

Jo said...

Hi Lori, what an honor for your community. And what a wonderful way to get together and enjoy the best of the best.