Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Usual

 The front paddock still needs to dry out....before it rains again.

 After chores I picked up some stones and washed them.
There is a new fad in this neck of the woods called "Brockport Rocks"
and I intend to participate.  People (many kids) are painting stones and hiding them
all over town.  Others are on the lookout for them, take photos and post, then hide them
for someone else to find.  Boaters at the Welcome Center have found some and are taking
them to different states...even different countries!  
It is such a very sweet community activity.
 By 9:15 I was mowing the lawn and quit when my first student pulled in the driveway
 for class at 10:30....I'm trying to talk my students into doing the stone thing.

 Shamra and Pam are Little Wonder's favorite pals.
 They give him a LOT of attention.

 Here are three of the rocks I am starting
 to paint.
 Tomorrow I will decorate them.

 Just before noon Carina made a bread delivery.
We have to be her best customers.
 The kids were with her...so adorable.
 At 2:30 I ran down to the bank....this tree was loaded with crab apples????
 When I got back to the farm I finished mowing the lawn and around the pastures.

 I thought Gary was all through doing garlic yesterday....but no!  He had more to hang today.
He gave some table stock to my students.
 I sure am happy with my car.  Today I bought a cover for the (passenger) front seat and I already have one of those hammock things in the back for the dogs so they won't get everything all dirty.  They have not been for a ride yet.  Tomorrow.....

 We have doubles all over the place.

 Not to mention all the other beautiful lilies.

 Town Board workshop tonight.
 Home by 8:30.

 Night all.

Pretty soon I will be sporting my new T-shirt.
Our campaign for the upcoming election will be getting into full swing shortly.

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  1. Day Lilies, they do not fail to come up again and again, and bloom in all weathers. Garlic, Gary must be well over it all by now.


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