Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The 4th of July Brockport Style....

 Perfect light this morning.

 After chores I got cleaned up and drove down to the Morgan Manning House for the
annual Independence Day celebration.
I believe this was the 36th year and we have attended most of them!

 Here is Gary (who helped set up and clean up) with his morning coffee pal, Bill Andrews.

 When I arrived, the community chorus was preparing to sing.

 Liz Banner, one of the High School Music teachers, puts out a call for community members of all ages to participate.  They practiced for a total of two hours this past week and sounded great!

 My pal Judy sang today.

Carol and Topper....were there as volunteers.

 Pam (keeper of all gardens in Brockport!) and Greg, who plays with our Sunday Jam group.
 As per usual, there was a huge crowd and they were also entertained by a Community Band
as well as the Brockport Big Band.
 There's Topper taking a picture of me taking a picture of him....and Carol.
 At 10:30 4 members of the Village Board and Mary and I (from the Town Board) participated in
the children's parade.  This has become a tradition.

 Here are Kathy, Margay, Bill and Annie (Village Board)
and behind partner in crime, Mary and her daughter Molly.
Working with these people is a pure pleasure.

 This year we were led by three drummers!
Loved having them.

 Annie and Alicia.

 My friend Susan (running for Town Board) and her beautiful granddaughter.
 The college president has always been a big supporter of community events.
 Rosie and Ann were in charge of selling food and drink tickets and the lines were very LONG!
 We have known these three....Ruth, Bing and Stephanie, for decades.
Ruth is the sister of our friend Carol B., Bingo was our attorney before he retired and has been showing his paintings in our art shows for several years.  Stephanie was one of my High School art students and I was one of the Senior Class Advisors when she graduated (Valedictorian).
Always good to see them.
 These two were in charge of selling drinks!
Always willing to help.
 Finn had a ball game that started at 11 and I got there at noon.
 It lasted for 2 1/2 hours!
 By the time I got home I was ready for a nap....
 and ended up mowing the lawn and around the pastures.
 Gary is going to be very busy this week pulling out all the garlic (just 3,000 plants!).
Tomorrow we are going to work on the pergola as a place for it to dry.
Can't wait to get it set up.
 We have to put some kind of roof on it so it stays nice and dry.

 The dogs were happy to get out several times today.
I swear, Little Wonder thinks he's a horse....the way he "grazes."

 I picked a head of butter crunch lettuce, made a salad and plopped on the leftover
mac salad.  Had a little sausage on the side.
 After dinner, Gary went back out to work in the veggie garden...
 and the pups went out for the 10th time.

Night all.

Gary (watching PBS 4th of July show) just came in and said "two guys are impersonating the
Blues Brothers and they're pretty good."  So, I put on the TV and it was Dan Ackroyd
and my cousin Jim Belushi!  (He has really studied John's moves). I had no idea they were going to be performing.

Here they are.

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Nancy J said...

2 hours and they sing so well!!! Fantastic, it gave me goose bumps!!! Gary, you are lost in all that tall garden, and then the lawn mown, and celebrations everywhere. Happy 4th to you all.