Friday, July 14, 2017

No Rain Yet....More on the Way

 I mowed the three small pastures after chores and was attacked by black flies the entire
time.  So muggy.

 Gary worked on the garlic and has help tomorrow.
Hopefully he can get most of it up before it rains more and rots.

 The ditches we dug are working as the water in the outdoor arena has receded.
Yesterday on the left, today on the right.
The horses spent a lot of time in the indoor as they did not like the black flies either.

 Phoebe dug up her new  bone today and dropped it on the back porch....
full of dirt and ants.
 I cleaned it off and offered it to her but she said no and Little Wonder grabbed it.

 They must have five bones now.
Night all.

It started to rain around 8:15 and then the sun looked brilliant to the west.
I had to get in my car and chase it before darkness arrived.

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