Sunday, July 9, 2017

Back to the Market

Yesterday I only posted my floral color wheel so I have many pictures of my day 
that never made it.
Here we go!

 After chores I toasted a couple pieces of Carina's cinnamon bread.  So good.
 Then we took a couple of rugs out to the driveway so Gary could scrub them.
He made a setup out of ladders and 2x4s so they would dry.
(That night it ended up pouring so they got a good rinse).

 I had pm chore duty.

 I don't even remember what we was so nice to have an entire day off.

On to this morning.

 After chores I watched "Sunday Morning" as they were doing a bit on the 
bi-centennial of the Erie Canal and did much of the filming in our neck of the woods.
 This is an interview with the Mayor of Rochester.

By 10 I was down at the farm market with our jam group as we were providing the entertainment.

Whenever I am there I take photos of these two....
who are there for Heberle Farms.

 Gary had duty at the Welcome Center.
The big barge (used by the Albany Symphony) is still there.
I wonder when it will be moved.....
 by this little tug boat.
 Home after one.
I was very happy to see this blossom on the back porch.  Except for a couple of Norfolk pines, all the rest of the plants are getting fresh air.  There must be 5 hibiscus plants out there.

 Gary got serious in the garlic pulling department today.
It is big and beautiful.
 He measures every single head.  The largest is sold as seed stock to other garlic farmers.

 I could not resist taking more photos of the hydrangeas that are in that garden.
 The colors are soft, but so rich.

 The weather was beautiful all day long and by late afternoon the sun was beaming into the house.

 (These are the Norfolk pines I mentioned.  A friend passed away almost 20 years ago and her husband me several of her plants).
 A picnic/dinner.  Open face veggie burgers, BBQued green beans and potato salad.
 The girls had their dinners when we finished ours.

Night all.


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I've decided that you're an example to follow in how you embrace and fill every single day from start to finish!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great pictures! You certainly have busy days.

Two French Bulldogs said...

You did a very good job snoopervising
Lily & Edward