Saturday, July 15, 2017

Follow Me Around Today.....

As usual, my day started with chores.
 Fresh shavings today.

After that I took a quick shower and went down to Nietopski Field (which is located in the Town Park) to watch a baseball game. 
Little Wonder always watches me when I get in the car to leave...with his sad face....
                                     Have you heard of (Westside) Challenger Baseball?
It is a baseball program for children and youth who have physical and/or mental developmental challenges and live not only in the Town of Sweden and Town of Clarkson, but neighboring areas including Hamlin, Kendall, Holley, Churchville, Spencerport, Chili, Gates, Bergen, Albion, Medina and Hilton. The program provides children with these special needs an opportunity to enjoy the full benefits of Little League participation structured to their abilities in a fun, safe and family environment.

Challenger Baseball was started here in 2011 with 32 players and this year there are 57. Kudos go out to Jack Milner, Mike Myers and all the volunteers who have brought this opportunity to so many kids. And the good news! There is no charge for any participant (uniforms, hats, snacks, trophies photos and end of year picnic) as 100% of the program is funded by sponsors. Would you like to be a sponsor?
Today the entire Town Board was there to add support and celebrate this outstanding program. Many smiling faces at Nietopski Field....

The man in the green shirt next to me has a grandson with special needs.  He and some friends got together and for the past seven years have to make this available to other children and youth who have many challenges in their lives.
 At each game, players from the local Bisons travel teams 
are there to support the kids (Cooper has done this)....
  along with many volunteers.

 Such community minded people.

 After the game, all received awards, tickets to the Rochester Red Wings Game and 
a great picnic lunch.
Jenny has had visitors from Chicago and North Carolina (college pals and their children)...
and they took time out of their busy schedules to come to the farm early afternoon.
 They learned about garlic
 visited the horses (with carrots in hand)

 and this young lady was very infatuated with Little Wonder.

 The visitors had plans for a very busy afternoon and we decided to picked up Jenny so we could attend Finn's third baseball game in a tournament.  They had already won two games.
 Usually Finn plays first base, but today they had him on third.

 Such a strong, steady player.

 Much to his surprise, the coach wanted him to pitch the last half of the last inning.
There were some amazing plays today and they won 9-4.
Two more games tomorrow and they are up against some stiff competition.

I had chore duty when we got back to the farm.

 Mark Hull had arrived at the farm at 9am to help Gary pull some garlic.  At that time it almost looked like we were going to have more rain.  BUT by afternoon the sun arrived and the temperature went up by almost 15 degrees, helping to dry the garlic.  (He only has at least 2000 more to pull out...hopefully they won't rot with all this moisture).
Anyway, tonight he continued to sort and prepared it for hanging.

Time to go watch "Bosch"....another series that has us hooked.
Night all.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

That's a wonderful program they have for the kids. I'm sure they love it!
Looks like Jenny's company enjoyed the visit with LW and the horses. Congrats to Finn and his team.