Thursday, July 13, 2017

Brothers From Other Mothers....

Did you say you had some rain?

 At 11am I went back to the outdoor arena to open up two ditches for drainage.
My boots almost got sucked off.

 Nice huh?

 Other than running a few errands, I was not that productive today.

Tonight Summer Serenades presented:
 We met Miles before he started kindergarten and have watched him grow as 
a performer for decades.  I have posted many videos over the years.

 The weather was so unpredictable it was moved from the 
Welcome Center to the Lodge on the Canal.
 There was a big crowd including our grandsons and much of their neighborhood.

 Jenny brought along guests, visiting from Chicago.

 Ronnie and Michelle Watts.

 Ronnie has been performing for over three years and frequently joins her Dad at gigs.
Actually, during this past year she had many solo performances in the Rochester area.

We did not eat dinner until 9:15, while watching "Goliath."
One more episode to go.  Great series.

Night all.


Nancy J said...

Rain up North , snow down here, just not at our place, but we have lots of really wet squelchy areas. Love the garden flowers,

Val Ewing said...

We had some big rains here too. Wow, look at that! Any flooding?

Grey Horse Matters said...

Still raining here too but not as bad as you have. Guess it's good for the flowers.

Anonymous said...

We got 8" in less than 24 hours Wednesday - major flooding all around and lots of road closures - the main river nearby won't crest until Sunday at record levels and isn't supposed to start going down until Wednesday.

Two of the roads leading to the barn my horses are at are under water - had to drive through some yesterday and will have to detour today. Good news is the barn itself is fine - it's been designed to have excellent drainage and all the pastures and paddocks were usable by Thursday - lots of drainage piping, work on grading so water doesn't pool and work on improving the footing sure goes a long way.