Saturday, June 7, 2014

Still on a Roll....

The weatherman is being very good to us...another perfectly gorgeous day.

 This morning I used our small rototiller to work up an area that was done last month so Gary, Finn and Coop can plant corn tomorrow.  Then I mowed the lawn and all around the outside of the pastures.  It's looking like a golf course.

At noon Gary and I went down to the town park to catch part of Coop's game.

 He sure has grown a lot since last season.

 Watched a movie this afternoon and then the Belmont.  Too bad about California Chrome.
Dinner was leftover carbonara (added some peas) and a cucumber salad.  Tasted better than it did last night.
 When I went out to do evening chores the gnats were bugging the girls, so they were very happy to get in their stalls.  Fortunately their masks have ears.

 A couple of deer ventured out to the field next to the pasture just as I finished.
Night all.


  1. Another gorgeous day here too!

    Felt bad about California Chrome but that's racing I guess. Love the pictures of the game. My grandsons didn't play today but we had a music recital for my granddaughter. So busy lately. Looks like tomorrow will be another nice day, enjoy it.

  2. So many people rooting for California Chrome, so disappointed, he trained at Harris Ranch right across the river from me. I agree horses should race in all three races.

  3. Sunshine, and deer right next door, I cannot imagine how wonderful it must be to see them there. Pity about the insects. Cheers,Jean


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