Monday, June 30, 2014

We're Havin' A Heat Wave....

Buggy and Muggy with even more on the way tomorrow.
They have already put out a heat advisory.
 I feel sorry for the horses when it gets like this.  It was 90 most of the day... at least they have many shady options and a fan.
 Went down to the bank, Agape and Wegmans...totally forgot I was getting a hay delivery.
 When I got back home they were bringing the second load and it all worked out.

Finn and Coop had basketball camp this morning and spent the afternoon at the farm.  I wanted to take them to Tina's pool, but they just wanted to crash.  Must have been a hard workout.  Around 5 Gary took them home, along with some freshly picked spinach and strawberries.
 Dinner was VERY simple.  Veggie burgers and a big salad.  Not in a cooking mood.

 When I went out to feed the girls, they all kept moving as the bugs were out.

 Can you tell?
 After they got in there stalls I sponged them off with a peppermint wash.  Abbe and Berlin loved it...Maggie and Angel were not too sure that it was a good idea.

 Left the fan on for least until it cooled down a bit.

 Even tho it was getting late, I decided to mow the lawn.  Tomorrow it's going to be too hot and at that time the yard was completely in the shade.  There are several big old cherry trees in the back of our property and man! this year there are thousands of them.  They are small and sweet.  Have to pick some before the birds take over.  Of course I had to grab a handful everytime I went by with the mower.

 The sun started to set and I had a long way to go.

 I actually had to put the lights on to finish the job by 9:25.

Just got an update from the Manatee.
 We rode with Sandy, Jeff and Hatch to Spencerport...
 The next day they went to Fairport....

 and now they are in Newark.
What a way to spend your vacation.
Look forward to seeing them on their return trip.
Night all.


Nancy J said...

Love the "Lights On" to finish the lawn, and your friends, what a way to travel. Pity it's so hot, snow down to 300m tomorrow in the far south. Cheers,Jean.

Oak Creek Ranch said...

Those cherries are calling my name! Too hot to cook here as well.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Not sure what's worse, heat or lots of those nutty storms
Lily & Edward

Michaele said...

Muggy and buggy sounds miserable. The pepermint wash soulds delightful however.

Terry said...

We just had our first hot day this week. Next the flies will find us - we've been blissfully fly-free so far.
I envy you the cherries.