Saturday, June 28, 2014

Poetry After Dessert

Ugh!  M   U   G   G   Y from the get go.

 After chores I dragged a ladder over to our little orchard and picked our first cherries.
 The two little trees are starting to produce and both kinds were superb.  Isn't it interesting how you can get such goodness organically?
 I had a call for 6 bunches of rhubarb this morning,
 so Gary and I went out to the garden and picked some.  Boy, the peas have really started to climb!
 Coop had his last regular game at 11:30 so we drove out to Hamlin to watch it.  When we got there Finn (not on that team) was backing up the catcher.
 Coop was up to bat and I could not get my camera out fast enough to video his double.

 When he had his last ups, I was ready.
 The game ended when he caught a fly ball and threw a second player out.  I was very impressed!
 Got home and all I wanted to do was sit in front of a fan and read.  Ended up doing laundry and picking spinach before I got to my book.

Tonight we were invited to a 5:30 dinner at Hanny and Bill's in Brockport.  We have known them for well over 35 years.  An old friend of theirs, who used to play basketball when he was a student here (another Bill) has returned to our village for a month and has actually been hanging out with Gary at Java Junction with the morning coffee group.  Bill and Hanny have been keeping him very busy. This evening we had the opportunity to have a delicious meal with lots of chatter.

 Hanny has many collections.  I especially love her coffee pots.

 Remember this photo of the back yard....
 So what did we eat?
A cucumber salad,
 green beans with bread crumbs and lemon butter,
 pumpernickel bread,
 hot German potato salad,
 rouladin (how do you spell that Hanny?),
 and naked carrots.
 A classic German meal...
 While they continued to socialize I went home to feed the horses and tuck them in.  It was still 84 and muggy.

 On the way back, I had to pull off the road to grab some shots of the sunset.

 Returned just in time for dessert.  What a meal!  You outdid yourself Hanny!

 Bill Heyen is a very well known poet and he taught at SUNY Brockport.  Please google him if you are into poetry...his work is outstanding.  After dinner, we started telling a few stories about our dogs and when we were finished, he recited a poem that was very relevant and moved some of us to tears.  I can't remember who wrote it.

Since he was 24, he has been working on a Journal and has written in it every morning.  So far, two volumes have been published.  In the picture of the back yard (above), if you look to the left behind the big trees you can see a small portion of a cabin.  That is where he does much of his writing and it is on the cover below.  It covers 20 years.
 The second volume is named Hannelore after his wife and the cover is a picture from the day they got married.  He said that he has 10 more volumes to go, and they are each nearly 700 pages long.  I would really like to read them, as it includes many events and people we are familiar with.  We will be in his journal entry tomorrow morning, as we were there tonight.
We discussed my Journal...which is more of a photographic version, but it sure is in the rookie league compared to what he has done.

Another thing that makes Brockport a great place to live.  We are surrounded by artists, poets, writers, photographers, dancers, musicians and more.  A cultural oasis.
You really should stop by sometime.
Night all.


Buttons Thoughts said...

"surrounded by artists, poets, writers, photographers, dancers, musicians and more" sounds incredible to me.
Bill Heyen oh his books sound amazing I can imagine the stories. Have a nice weekend Lori. Hug B

Sharon Creech said...

Yes, you do live in a cultural oasis, Lori! That's how we feel about our new town, too. xx

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

How wonderful to be able to share the day with family and good friends! I know you were probably tired, but I've no doubt you were energized on the inside from the days events! And how lucky to be surrounded by so much talent both in who are your friends and by those who call the same place home that you do!