Friday, June 27, 2014

Low Bridge....Everybody Down

After chores I picked some strawberries to take over to our friend Louise.
 Gary and I decided to take some time off and join our friends who have been docked in Brockport for a couple of days.  They were headed to the next port, where they will spend the night and we went along for the ride.  First, we dropped off a car in Spencerport so we would have a way to get home and then we stopped at Apple Creek Farm with the berries.  Just as we got to the Welcome Center, a big cruiser was leaving.

 By 11:30 we were ready to leave and Hatch was on the deck of the Manatee.
 A dog living on a sailboat is far from the norm and he has adapted well.

 We pulled away from the Welcome Center....
 and headed East.
 Can you think of anything more peaceful?
 There were all kinds of people walking and biking on the path next to the canal.
 We only passed one boat...
 beautiful homes....

 and a Bed and Breakfast in Adam's Basin.
 This was the view of the bridge as we passed under it.
 The weather was perfect.  Sunny and a slight breeze.
 Just for your information, the New York State Canal System is 534 miles long and passes through 230 towns and villages.  In 2007 our friends went from Ohio to the Bahamas and this was just one leg of their journey.
 We reached our destination a little after 12:45 and went to McColly's for lunch.  It's a very sweet Irish Pub and I have taken you here in the past.
 We started off with roasted sweet potatoes with a delicious mustard/honey sauce.  Ummmmmmm.
 Gary had a chicken spidie sadwich...
 Jeff had shepard's pie...
 Sandy and I had Reubens.
 Who knew that we would have an opportunity to connect with these people again.
Such a pleasure.  On their way back home, we hope to see them when they dock in Brockport.

 I don't know about Sandy and Jeff, but Gary and I were ready for some nap time when we got home.

Chores closer to 7:30.

 The girls were happy to go in, as usual.
 Gary spent a couple hours in the garden. The big rain we had a couple days ago brought on a ton of weeds.  Our tomato plants doubled in size!

 Ta Daaaaaa!  Tonight we had a salad for dinner made with our first spinach.  Man, was it good.
Bacon, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes and a little cheddar cheese.  Topped it with a Korean dressing.  The only thing missing....water chestnuts and sprouts.  It worked.
Our departure from the norm today felt like a vacation.
Night all.


Unknown said...

Old English Proveb :-
A change is as good as a rest.

Jo said...

I don't know that I've ever known you to leave your land, so this was a welcome break, I'm sure. And to meet up with these adventurous friends was obviously a great pleasure. Thanks for the ride!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Looks like another fun day. I love boats and sailing. As a kid we were always out on the Great South Bay or over at Fire Island. Your trip made me wish I was on the water again.

Michaele said...

What a memorable day. Glad the weather cooperated. That salad looks SO good!

Terry said...

What a fun trip, and what a cool dog.