Tuesday, June 10, 2014

In Between the Petals...

  Did not wake up until 7:10!  Guess I was tired from trying to do a post after getting home at 10:15 from our drumming gig.
 When I was out at the barn, my camera (Canon point and shoot) pooped out after I had only taken one photo.  It keeps getting stuck.
That's it.
Class at 10:30.

 Sandy, Joanne and Tina are all in progress.

 Everytime I went outside today, could not resist taking pictures of the flowers.

 Took a nap this afternoon and went out to do chores around 7.  Once AGAIN the gnats were terrible.

 Believe me, these girls are very happy to escape them when they get tucked in for the night.
 I don't think we have ever had so many wild yellow roses.

 Gary planted the carrots tonight.  I think he finally has everything in the ground.
 These are our first strawberries.  Pretty soon we should be loaded.
 I made chicken salad for dinner (celery, grapes and apples).  Yum.
 That about does it.
Night all.


Nancy J said...

Those flowers, words fail me, they are truly beauteous!! And the salad, did I see a strawberry or 2 in there? Cheers,Jean

Val Ewing said...

Beautiful shots, so did the camera come back to life?

The gnats were awful here too. But funny, after the sun went down the bugs all disappeared.

The kids caught fireflies and ran around until 9:30 pm.
The adults stood around and watched and enjoyed.

We don't have many flowers in blossom yet...!

Dee said...

Dear Lori, are the gnats not in the barn????? What keeps them out of there????

All the flower photographs are lovely but I so love peonies. Those and canna lilies were my mom's favorite flowers and so we had many plants of both on the farm where I grew up. We had only chicken and pigs and two horses retired from a bakery that used them to pull the cart around the Kansas City neighborhood where the baker sold his goods.

One of the reasons I so enjoy your blog is because it takes me back to those days of the '40s and '50s.

And when I look at the art your students and you produce, I find myself wanting to search out a class here where I might discover if I have any artistic creativity. Thank you for inciting the thought within me. Peace.

Sharon Creech said...

Those flowers are so LUSH -- I especially love the irises and peonies and roses, ohmygosh, couldn't you just lie down and swoon over these beauties?