Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Hot Muggy Calm Before the Storm

Right off the bat, you could tell there was going to be a warmup today.

 It's a good thing we put the fan up yesterday.
 The girls like to spend time inside when it gets like this.  Because they are spoiled I hang up a couple of hay bags to keep them happy.  Berlin stays in here until I am through with stall cleaning.

 After chores I picked the strawberries that were ripe

 and checked on all the gardens.
 We must have at least 60 tomato plants and they are doing well.

The potatoes have appeared...first time growing them.

 Gary got all the scapes off the garlic and weeded both sections.
 The beets are coming on strong....
so are the blueberries
and raspberries.
 There are many more things planted, but it was too hot to stay out there taking pictures.

 It was not even 9am and the girls needed some shade and water.

 The cement must have been the cool spot for Sidney.

Class at 10:30.  Made sure I had a fan in the window before my students arrived and it was pretty comfortable.

 (I brought out a bowl of fresh picked strawberries for them to taste).

 While they were here, Todd came to get our reverse osmosis system going.  Had to come back once more this afternoon as it was not functioning properly.

Jean (Nancy J) here is the flat of flowers Gary got at the Farm Market.
 Made a quick trip to Weggies, then got a pot of sauce ready for dinner.  Gary got home around 6 after his Finn and Coop duty, and I went out to do chores around 7.  The wind was starting to kick up, but it was still pretty warm.
 Took the masks off so I could grab a few shots before tucking them in.  All of a sudden the sun was brilliant.

 Once again we needed a pasta fix.

 Tasted great.
Then, it really started to get dark and VERY windy.  We were getting severe storm warnings.
I ran out to close several of the barn doors so the heavy rain would not blow inside.
 We definitely won't have to water the gardens in the morning.
Night all.


Nancy J said...

Thanks Lori, those golden marigolds, my favourite way above the orange ones, Berlin , I had no idea of a 29 year old, still looking so young. And thunder ,lightning and Rain, what a downpour. Cheers, Jean.

Marcy said...

Berlin is so beautiful! And the last pic of the dark sky--so dramatic looking! All great pictures.

Unknown said...

Hello Lori. We enjoyed your video of that thunderstorm. Had one here about ten days ago which woke me up at five in the morning (which takes a bit of doing!)

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh how I would love to take classes with you.
A quick heavy rain storm roared through here last night and it looks like more rain today, looks like haying will be delayed for both of us again this year. Take care. Hug B

Buttons Thoughts said...

Berlin at 29 WOW. Hug B

Terry said...

Love that golden evening light.
Your garden is huge!
Way to go Berlin.