Saturday, June 21, 2014

Chili Dogs and Chocolate Cream Pie

Cool as a cucumber and loving it.

Stephanie was here this morning to trim the horses feet.

All were very well behaved.

Today the article Doug Hickerson wrote about me appeared in the Suburban News.
He did a nice job with it.  You never know how an interview is going to look in print.  It will be posted on line Tuesday and I will get the address if you are interested in learning a whole lot more about me.  Still am amazed that he wanted to write about me.

Was able to pick this many strawberries today and took them down to Judy's, where we had dinner.
We still try to get together on a regular basis.
The place looked gorgeous...beautifully landscaped...
and very welcoming.

We had our first day of summer picnic.
Potato salad, chili dogs, chips, a green salad....
and one of those nasty chocolate cream pies for dessert....
which we ate on the back porch, hoping to get a look at a doe and her twin fawns that visit regularly.
Home before dark.  No major activity on the Canal.
I've been trying to read all day.  Now I am really going to do it.
Night all.

The Rochester International Jazz Festival started last night.  Jenny and Karen were there and stopped in at guessed it...I love New York tent.
Hopefully we will get in there during the next week.


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

What a nice day from start to finish! I'm envious of the strawberries and the cake looks just amazing!! I'll look forward to reading the article, and I think you're an interesting person, so I totally understand why he would want to write about you!

Nancy J said...

Yummy berries, super greenery and garden flowers, and yes please, I would really like to read more. Congrats, I hope you were happy with the words too. Cheers,Jean

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh I want to read it Lori the photo is beautiful, please email me the link.. My famous friend:) About time you were noticed for all you do in blogger land and your world. Hug B

B : ) said...

Would love to read the rest of the article. Albanian? How interesting!

Holly Hollyson @ Full of Beans and Sausages said...

I am going to enjoy reading about your horses! My farrier used to hate coming out to trim my pony's feet as he was a shetland - he said it was bad for his back to bend down so low!

Terry said...

You star, you! What a nice article. Of course we want more.
Abbe and Paj are the same age.