Monday, June 16, 2014

A Visit From The Dentist...

 Another beautiful morning.
 Around 9:30 Jeff R. arrived to do the horse's teeth.
 Maggie was first.
 Angel was next.
 Then it was Berlin's turn,
 and Abbe was last.

 All were very good and I totally appreciate the way Jeff works with them.  None of my horses have ever needed to be tranquilized and a lot has to do with the dentist.
 Gary had duty with Finn and Coop.  I met them down at the Stoneyard at 5:15  and we were joined by Karen, Scott and Jenny.  We were celebrating Karen and Jen's birthdays and showing our appreciation to Scott for all the work he did at the farm this past weekend.
 Jen knew that Finn and Coop would like wing night, so she chose to eat here.

 We were not disappointed!  
Afterward we had to do our post Stoneyard photoshoot.

 It's not easy to get a shot where everyone's eyes are open.
Headed home by 6:30.
 Chore time.
 The girls are still enjoying their quiet time in the barn.
 Fine with me.

Night all.

We are now picking a quart of strawberries a day.  Organic!  Sweet!

I love the way the girls come when I call them.  Yesterday they came in to get their masks on and today Abbe and Berlin voluntarily walked into the grooming room to get their teeth done.  How lucky am I to have such sweet ponies?
By the way, it was 86 and muggy today...hotter tomorrow.
Night all.


Sharon Creech said...

Yum wings, great group of funny people, and sweet ponies . . . ahhh. . . xx

Dream Valley Ranch said...

Lori....was that you in the last of the group photos? I love all of those pix but that's my favorite! Always so wonderful to see the gang coming in from the pretty green pastures when you call them :)

Two French Bulldogs said...

Now we have seen everything! I thought the brush was shoved only in our mouth! Even horsies get their teeths brushed!
Lily & Edward

Grey Horse Matters said...

A great day all round. Birthday's, wings, good ponies, lovely pictures! Love fresh strawberries. I see some shortcake in your future...

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

We have seen the horse dentist a lot lately. Most of the horses are really a good and our dentist is very patient and calm. However a few of them just want nothing at all do with it . . .