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Campaign 2017
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

All is Very Quiet on the Western New York Homefront

Well, well, was supposed to be another muggy day, but it never happened.  Barely hit the low 70s...which was fine with me.

After chores I made myself go down to Agape and got in enough aerobic activity to make me sweat.
 On the way I stopped at the UPS store to have something printed for "Sundays on the Canal."  At least that's done.

When I got home, had lunch and started to read when I got a call from Oak Orchard to go down and pick up my new glasses.  Also had the last part of my eye exam...the glaucoma test.  That's when things started to slow down.  The Doc said my eyes would be goofy for 3 or 4 hours so I did not do much.  Gary had Finn and Coop duty followed by a board meeting, so I had some leftover pasta and went out to feed the girls.

I'm toast....
Night all.


  1. Seems you still had a busy day, goofy eyes and all. You lucked out with the weather, we had 93 and it was humid too.

    That scallion, goat cheese, tomato biscuit looks delicious!

  2. Oh it was a cool one and that was one him finger of a storm last night. Love your photos. After the wedding I am going to have lots of time and hope to have a passport by then too. It will happen. Hamilton is not far for you and neither is Buffalo for me when I am there☺ Hug B

  3. Never mind the weather, you had such a busy day, and look at that Foxglove, I can see those golden marigolds there, super contrast. Garden is looking very summery. Cheers,Jean

  4. Oh my goodness! That header! I want some!

  5. Foxglove is gorgeous. (Are they poisonous to animals and humans?) We have some about to bloom here, too.


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