Friday, June 22, 2012


 The entire crew was out for chores this morning.

 When we got back to the house, Daniela was into reading a Sharon Creech book.
 A little before 10 Gary drove me to Rochester for and appointment....a 6 month check by a dermatologist who had performed surgery on my arm last December.  I have become paranoid about anything that shows up on my skin and had a full body check.  Lucky me, at the top of my forehead a spot was removed that required stitches and it put me in another hole.  What a downer.  Hopefully, it is nothing...but it scares the crap out of me.
 I canceled my physical therapy appointment as I was told not to do anything stressful and should not bend over for the next day or so.  What's next?  

The afternoon was beautiful.  Ariana and Daniela went out to the paddocks to cut down some weeds for me.

 When they got back in the house...we all took naps.
 Daniela is a real fan of Sharon Creech and decided to send her a note.
 I was extremely impressed with her writing and it went out in the afternoon mail.

 It took awhile to rally after the naps.  I felt like I was at half mast.

Made a comeback and we went out in the garden to pick spinach and peas for dinner.

 Even made a good dinner.


 After dinner Grampa and the girls took a walk down the lane.

 They saw all kinds of things....a doe and her fawn, birds etc.

Time to kick back.
Night all.


  1. Shakespeare says " Out, damned spot!" and it sounds like that was done so quickly for you!!All hopes that it was nothing serious, keep your head up just like they say.Grass looks like it is growing so fast, girls enjoying "Grandy" times with you both.flowers looking beautiful. Cheers from Jean

  2. There's nothing like peas from the garden. Brett gets a full body scan at the dermatologist every six months and they are forever cutting out chunks of his flesh. So far, no more malignant ones but I know what you -- scares the crap outta us too.

  3. I have had a couple of "spots" removed as well. No sunscreen as a kid! I can at least feel your pain/concern in that area. Great photos and nice to see you have such lovely help.

  4. Sorry about the doctor visit. Ugh.
    You have a great barn crew.

  5. I am so impressed that you chose to press on. You've been through so much lately and it would be so easy to curl up and cry.... you are a strong woman who loves life. I bet that spot will be nothing, your leg will heal and you'll be touring us around Brockport in no time.

    (I am so frickin' impressed with the weed girls...those girls were raised by good parents who instilled hard work as an ethic. Gosh...if only I had...).

  6. My third try at commenting. If this one dis appears I give up.

    Sorry about all the "one more things" you're dealing with Its great you have such a good crew there.

  7. Sorry Lori that you are having such a rough time but just look at those happy faces surrounding you that HAS to help. Hugs B

  8. Those string beans have my mouth watering, and it's breakfast time.

  9. Hey Lori!
    Gosh sometimes the body seems to betray. I'm sorry for the skin thing. You are very fair and love outdoors...its Totally wrong that it's a blessing and a curse.
    Hang in, don't worry.

    Everything sounds and looks fabulous otherwise. That girl is such a beauty...and her mom!

    Hope your healing is on track.
    My sis has 5 rides under her belt now. If she lived here, we'd maybe not come out of the woods!

    Take care- love your photos!!


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