Wednesday, June 13, 2012


 Gary and the girls arrived from the Buffalo Airport around 2:30am.  Ariana and Daniela went to bed about 3 and slept until noon.  Then it was time to get going.

I helped do part of the chores this morning.
Later Ariana mowed the front paddock.
 Perfect weather.
Gary and Woody worked in the gardens.

At 5 Jenny and the boys arrived for dinner along with Karen, who is visiting from Florida.  She and Jenny have been friends since they were kids and this was going to be a great reunion.
 They checked out the horses and helped take some of these pictures.
 Over 20 years ago, Karen would come to the farm and ride Berlin.

 All four grandchildren love to check out the ponies and have always been
very comfortable around them.

Karen presented us with a bag of monogrammed shirts!  Beautiful.

 What a gorgeous evening.
 Jenny brought up a pork loin, Italian Sausage and chicken which Gary grilled to perfection.
 I made a spinach salad with mango, orange and bananas.
 Jenny also made some Jasmine rice.
 What a simple and great meal.

 Then it was time to celebrate Karen's birthday.

Jenny found an adorable cake at a bakery in Rochester.

Be prepared.....

Did I overdo it or what?
Night all.


  1. Done to perfection!!!.Lovely family photos, great food, greater friends and family,enjoy your days together, the younger ones look like helping with chores will be fun rather than work. Cheers from Jean

  2. Beautiful faces, beautiful animals, beautiful day!

  3. I think you did, (over do it). Sounds like the knee is doing really well, or maybe it's all the great therapy with the whole gang there.

  4. Wow...Ariana has grown into such a beautiful young lady. It will be so fun to have them at the farm with you. I see swimming in their future! :)

  5. That was a pretty wild rendition of Happy Birthday (cha cha cha!). Abbe looked careful coming in but I didn't notice any obvious lameness. And that dinner was not simple, my dear. It looked awesome!

  6. Yay! Another great day at Skoog Farm.
    Surely there's a story that goes with that hat!

  7. Oh this is going to be such an awesome summer for you two. Gary probably appreciates the help. Have fun. B

  8. What a perfect day! Family, friends, good food, ponies, AND cake!

  9. Everyone looks so happy and well fed! Glad you had such a great day. What a lovely birthday present to be reunited with Berlin.

  10. It is easy to overdo with a such appetizing cake ! I do like the pictures under the trees.

  11. Happy people, happy animals, great weather, and all of this makes a great day !


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