Thursday, June 21, 2012


 A beautiful morning.
 After chores (Gary did most of the work) finished the mowing I started yesterday and was happy to get in the house a little after nine when it really started to heat up.

 A fan day.

 When this was a cow farm over 50 years ago, the front paddock was cement.  Now it is almost totally covered with grass and the horses love it.
It's a good thing there was a nice breeze today.

 Had to go for my last blood draw this afternoon. 
Hopefully on Monday I can quit the blood thinner routine.
 Drove through the village on the way home.

 Ariana and Daniela spent the day with Finn, Coop and Bimpa and had the royal treatment.

Gar and I went to Louise and Jack's for dinner.

 Burgers and lots of salads....perfect.

 I grabbed a few shots of the gardens before we left.

Home just in time to take the ponie's masks off.
 They had already tucked themselves in.
 Oh yes, we had a hay delivery today.  Don't need much for two horses.
Right now, the humidity has dropped and it's time for bed.
Night all.


  1. Hollyhock flowers, Echinacea, a beautiful stone Church, superb dinner,lawns green and mown,girls doing OK, blood tests telling a much better story, all in all life is so much better than only a few weeks ago. Hope you do not get the drought that is so bad in some places. Greetings from Jean

  2. Those hollyhocks are gorgeous! Had to drive myself to an all day seminar today so had to take the boot off for that. It's sore tonight. Grrrrr

  3. You have a lot more grass that I do, but it looks like you don't bag it? I could handle that...just riding. I walk and when the bag is full I carry it clear across the! Everything is looking so beautiful around the propery.

  4. The flowers are so pretty!
    Record heat here, no rain.


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