Friday, June 29, 2012


Started off the morning with a little music.

Daniela was off to soccer camp and the rest of the crew was at Jenny's under
the supervision of Bimpa (that is their made up name for Kevin).

 Gary and I went out to do chores...he did most of the work.
The humidity was pretty high.
 At 9:45 Sally picked me up and drove me to Agape for PT.
It was like driving Miss Daisy for the second time this week.
Much appreciated.
Today was crank day and I think my knee is starting to loosen up a little.
 When we got back to the house, I served Sally some strawberry shortcake...
a dessert first lunch.  The least I could do.

 Helen brought these beautiful flowers yesterday.

 At 1:30 Gary drove me in to Rochester to have the stitches removed from my head.
We there for all of 7 minutes and everything is fine.

 On the way home we stopped in the village so Gary could pick 
up the Buffalo paper.  Ran into John Dunn.
 Also checked out Country Treasures.
 Back home after 3 and hit the couch along with Lily.
 Had leftovers for dinner and went out to do chores.
 This years garlic is outstanding.
 Of course Abbe left her mask way out in the pasture.
 Once again Gary did most of the work.  So hot!

I'm now in cruise control.
Night all.


  1. Stitches in your *head*?? I've missed something . . . now to go search what happened to you! (Love the flowers tho - and that strawberry shortcake!)

  2. Primitive is good!

    Have a GREAT Weekend!

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  3. Looks like a great day. Glad that getting the stitches out went well.
    You've got me thinking strawberry shortcake :)

  4. I grew the same petunias in your photo....Burgundy Star!! Ah, warm isn't so bad when it is rainy and cool. :)

    The garlic is awesome. I hope my garlic is doing something underneath the dirt. So when do I dig it up??

  5. I love strawberry shortcake. Glad the stitches are gone. It's so hot and humid here too. Love all your photos and am glad to hear the PT is going well.

  6. Well I missed the head injury post also. Do tell us again. Great flower photos and the garlic is just beautiful!!

  7. So glad the skin is fine.
    That shortcake is making my mouth water!


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