Friday, May 6, 2011


Skoog Farm 6am this morning.



My favorite shot from yesterday.

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It really started to feel like spring today.  Motivated me.
Breezed through chores and was back in the house by 9.

Seeing that we are having a major cook-out tomorrow night ("Cheap Steak Dinner"), I figured it was time to start setting up the back porch.  That means cleaning everything, hiding all the boots and junk, bringing out the wicker furniture, sweeping of the cement blah, blah, blah.  Just like what most of you are doing to get ready for some BETTER weather.

 I brought one of the small tables over from the Studio Barn so we would have a place to set stuff while we are grilling.

What is a "Cheap Steak Dinner" anyway?  The phrase was coined by my pal Madonna in art class a few days ago.  She was hungry for a good steak but did not want to go to a restaurant.  Tina immediately piped up and suggested that Gary knew his way around a grill and it went on from there.  Everyone will bring their own and a dish to pass.  14 people were game to do this...on short notice too.
Now, if we could have some nice weather.

I put five leaves in the dining room table (it's like being in a tunnel) and will set it for 14.

A lot of weeding needs to be done in the gardens...back later.


  1. I love this shot, Lori. The tree framing the photo is just gorgeous. :)

  2. A very peaceful set of pictures. Beautiful!

  3. Lori, Love the windmiill--always a pretty sight against the sky. You have a nice sunrise from the morning before, and, of course, the weather vane on top of the barn is a great shot too. Happy Mother's day. Mickie :)

  4. I always love your Sky Watch pictures. This windmill shot is particularly striking - very nice.

  5. Hey, there's something wrong with those pictures.... it isn't raining or snowing!!
    Love the last one. That is idyllic. A person could get lost in that picture!

  6. That sun is so welcome, isn't it? Kudos to you for being willing to host impromptu events like this. . .

  7. The first image is absolutely magical Lori!

  8. Great pictures and a great way to have fun with a "cheap steak dinner."

    The weather wouldn't dare be uncooperative now that you're almost all set up. Good eating!

  9. Your photos are beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful gathering.

  10. Hope the steak was everything you were looking forward to! Love your beautiful lawn!

  11. Wonderful sky shots, Lori! You almost inspire me to get up early --- NOT!! lol


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